I´m learning that I can feel joy even when things arent perfect, even when there are problems and things to deal with. I still get to wake up and enjoy my health, my coffee, some music by hagood hardy, and today even yoga in the garden. when I let all that wonderfullness in, I´m not too bothered by the work I need to do or the pain I carry around as if it was worth something. I learn to let go off it a little bit, release sadness and let the energy into my every cell.

so today, yes I am full of joy. in an imperfect world.
Joelisa Joelisa
26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Beautiful, this should be on a plaque on my wall, or something like it.

Thank you Joelisa. I hope that you are so busy being happy that you haven't been on E P. I am going to follow your example and do yoga in the garden.