What To Do?

Rest and meditate. Sometimes to go with the flow ... at times, is to be still. Relax, take it easy. If need be, take it slow because just around the bend is in need of all your energy. So, watch, don't project, don't reject ... just be!

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2 Responses Dec 8, 2011

be water my friend - bruce lee

i am! i learned that lesson from a dear soul i know!

Well said. Hard to do, sometimes, but well said nonetheless!

hard ain't the word my friend. i am a doer, a bull dozer of a soul... always wanting to help, go, do, try something.. anything to make things better. but.... when i'm buzzing around trying to make things so... i make mistakes... at times... big ones! sooo this time, here and now... i am.. must allow things to unfold of their own accord.