The Completion Of Beginnings

The first of the year.. I started shedding old skins, throwing away things that no longer was needed in my life... or/nor wanted any longer. At times I started to panic, didn't know if I could change, get rid of old ways. I did, it wasn't easy but if I was going to grow and learn...
well I best do what must be done! I cried, argued within myself and some days.. just pissed off at the whole process!

As I made ... adjustments, I realized that sometimes to change you don't have to take away but just simply add. ; )

So, I finally freed myself from a rut! I finally completed my first steps of a new beginning. As I kept grounded and centered myself to this mission I was on, things began to happen. Good and bad but the bad served a big purpose, a learning tool, something to make me go... huh? : ) As I was freeing myself from all unwanted influences, I saw the humor, and the direction I was bond. I was indeed ready, prepared
to be open to the Will of Heaven and wait for my deliverance!

I sure was enjoying this new path, and the new attitude of mine. I was experiencing a release from tension and uncertainty.

I once thought of life changes, new beginnings in stages, like giving birth... The seed has been planted and fertilized ; ) .. you go thru months of changes and you have the woes of something in you growing... somedays great and others painful. Then the day you bring forth a new life... it's like no pain you will ever experience... then the pain is gone and all you feel is love, joy, happiness at this grand new life! lol... and if you need to go thru it all again more time... what better reason to, but to give birth to a whole new life!

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56-60, F
May 24, 2012