Target A Rich Person Today, Show Them Your Contempt And Pity!

A gang of brazen CEOs has joined forces to promote economically disastrous and socially irresponsible austerity policies. Many of those same CEOs were bailed out by the American taxpayer after a Wall Street-driven financial crash. Instead of a thank-you, they are showing their appreciation in the form of a coordinated effort to rob Americans of hard-earned retirements, decent medical care and relief for the poorest.
Using the excuse of a phony, manufactured crisis known as the “fiscal cliff” – which isn’t a crisis at all, as economist James K. Galbraith has succinctly explained — they are gearing up to pull the wool over the public’s eyes by cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The CEOs are part of the Fix the Debt campaign run by the
-backed Center for a Responsible Federal Budget, which plans to unleash tens of millions pushing for a deficit reduction deal that favors the rich.
You can be sure that many more CEOs in addition to the names on the list below sympathize with plans to shred the social safety net and enjoy windfall tax breaks. But these Scrooges are so bold as to publicly announce their desire to pick the pockets of fellow Americans while simultaneously pigging out at the corporate welfare trough. Multitasking!

There are many Nations of Greed in the world run by the Kings and Queens of Greed. Most people don’t know them or about them because they don’t live among mere proles.

For every fabulously rich King and Queen there are millions of impoverished people, people who struggle to clothe their children and put a meal on the table.

The Kings and Queens of Greed are clearly lowlife, for who else but profoundly avaricious people would spend their whole lives grubbing for money that they can’t spend.

The economic system of the Western world revolves around schemes which allow the greedy to get ever richer at the expense of the poor who get ever poorer.

This is not how the world was meant to be and it’s time that we ended the gross inequality and came up with a new economic system which favors every human on the planet.

Rich people are sick people. They have no conscience. They care only about themselves. Greed diminishes humans, turns them into ignoble, vain, grasping, uncaring parasites.
Target a rich person today. Show them your contempt and pity!

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