Heh Sometimes I Think..

Well i do say funny things sometimes,i even laugh too..I m going to say something but dont misunderstand me..i mean about religion,ok?God forgive me!

ok..yesterday i said God cant listen..yeah hes on vacation and busy listening to Evanescence!(gosh...please i hope others not misunderstand what i write)..He cant listen..tried to send him a fax..nothing.tried to send sms..nop-i guess battery low or no signal!!God please switch on bluetooth,i really need to talk to u..I was talking to someone about this,he laughed and i was laughing too at the same time..i amaze myself sometimes...

--hope i dont go to ... coz i want to go to paradise---if he forgives me for saying stupid/funny things..

i even said that God makes graffity!and loves rock!

:) sorry...and if u ask..no i dont go to church,i believe in angels..and i do find myself talking to God many times(just so u know)

annasangels annasangels
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3 Responses Mar 7, 2009

heh thanxs :) maybe he listens and laugh too

I agree with Danda, God doesn't mind humor, he even suggests it. I am so sure that you have golden ticket to heaven.

:) hope he forgives me