There's Actually A Funny Story Behind My Screen Name.

I was part of a 4 man crew, working on a big job in Atlanta a few years ago and we all decided to break for lunch. Well there was this one guy that I worked with who was so funny named Conley. He was a really polite and innocent country boy and the ladies just all loved him. He was sort of a cross between Tim McGraw and Larry the Cable Guy.

Well anyway, we were driving around, trying to decide where to eat, when Conley shouts "Stop! That over there looks like a good place!" Now all of us except for Conley had worked in "that" part of town before and we knew better, But he was convinced that this fancy place was where we should eat and there was no talking him out of it. So reluctantly we follow him and sit down. He's greeting everybody in his good ol' country boy style and doesn't notice that all of the other customers are paired off as boy-boy and girl-girl and acting real friendly toward one another, if you know what I mean. We are trying to keep straight faces as the dainty waiter kept fawning all over Conley. And he just can't get over "how friendly they are in this place." The waiter wouldn't let his glass get half empty and kept checking on just him. And Conley had no clue what was really going on. That's when our waiter "accidentally" knocked Conley's drink into his lap. He then tried to clean up the mess with his towel. And that's when Conley finally figured out what was happening.

He jumped up and exploded "HEY! I aint no GOOBER SMOOCHER! What the _____ is wrong with you people?" We were all bursting out laughing and knew that we had better get out of there while we still could.

So when I started trying to think of a catchy screen name, and since I am a devout breast man,I wanted to use the word Smoocher along with a word meaning a breast or nipple that would rhyme. Let's see, "nipple", no, "boober," no luck there either. Hooter Smoocher was all that I could come up with.
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Oh it wasn't intended to deceptive in any way. If you'll notice that I mostly belong to groups having to do with ANR. There's nothing that I enjoy more than having a nipple in my mouth. LOL

she said DESCRIPTIVE! ;)

I think she edited it after my response. LOL

Love your screenname!!! Desc<x>riptive and inviting all at the same time.