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In the Clutsiest, Dorkiest Way

My nickname is 'Grace'. Yeah, family just makes you feel so special sometimes.  Anyway that's usually the only time I'm funny is when I fall or trip or slam my finger in a door. Oh! or when I mispronounce words because I don't think before I speak, I have one of those that I will never live down. Never. My pain and humiliation is what makes me funny to others.

GoldieMtZion GoldieMtZion 26-30, F 21 Responses Mar 7, 2008

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ohhhh okay gotcha :)

what's this 'mind out' business?

It was fun while it lasted...they gave up on me Mister :)

I know you were :) ...damn I'm off my marks a bit for this funny business ha

i was just teasing!

hahaha...yeah I suppose the crop and fishnets are a litte much not to mention my bangs and the poof at the end of my hair...please tell me you at least like that tattoo hahaha


Indeed GoodGuy 1 - Goldie 976...I'm sure you'll catch up soon :)

haha Gotcha!! :P

I'm not sure how to respond to that. haha

*rubs some magic cream into the bite mark* :)

*rubs where you bit* owww :P

lol ... i know :) *bites your bum* :P

I'm joking too! *hugs back*

awwww only kidding with you hun ;-) *big hugs*

well when you push me down it doesn't count either GoodGuy :P

aww .... i laugh at you most of the time Goldie! not when you hurt yourself ;-)

I knew what you were doing silly...I was trying to be funny and just like I said in the story I have to hurt myself in some way to get a laugh :)

well "Amazing Grace" is a very moving song, especially played with the bag pipes :) .... i'm currently practising my human bag pipes in the shower :)

*brought to tears* that was so moving GoodGuy <br />
<br />

**Starts Trumpeting "Amazing Grace"** :)