Probably. A Little.

I always seem to be able to think of something funny to say, but I usually have to hold it in because it's not always appropriate. An example would be this time I was on the elevator with some other guy. We were both on our way to our respective apartments. I lived a couple floors above him. He pushed his button, and I pushed mine, only he somehow missed the button about 5 times before finally managing to get it pushed. He was a little embarrassed at first, but we both chuckled afterward. Once we got to his floor, I found myself biting my lip to avoid saying out loud, "Better luck finding the doorknob." I thought that might embarrass him, so I kept it to myself. I keep coming up with ways to be funny (although not always in ways that might sound snarky like that), but there's no one around to be funny to. So much comedy gold gone to waste due to circumstance. What a tragedy.
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2 Responses Dec 31, 2011

Smiling is positive.Saying funny things is good.

ehh.. you should have said it.. he likely would have laughed at it.