People Always Tell Me I Am Hilarious

i am the type of person, who tends to always be happy around people. i always smile at random people walking by (no not a creepy smile. an actual smile). and i always tend to make people burst out laughing. why? i think mostly cause I'm that type of person that just naturally says something, and it comes out funny..i don't like to be sad, or others sad.

I'm sure we all got those "rainy days". even i have them..but you just gotta smile and see the glass half full, instead of half empty.

just like this morning! i woke up...took a shower.....grabbed my yoga mat..did yoga on the front lawn....then went inside and put clothes on, and had breakfast. (lol hopefully u took that as a joke...not personally...i don't even do yoga..)

well...thanks for reading...comment if you please, just keep in mind i like positive happy comments, and not rude ones. :)

have an enchanting day. :D

LongLiveTaylorSwift LongLiveTaylorSwift
18-21, F
Jul 23, 2012