I Have Ppl In Stitches With My Dry Humour..thank God Im Not Anurse

i don't try to b funny im not good at telling jokes as i always forget the punch lines. but ivea wicked sense of humour and im good at ad libbing and on eliners. its all a matter of taste really some share my humour some dont and some just dont get it at all.
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Sounds good to me

I do like a girl with a sense of humour. I've met women who don't have one and it's a real turn off, regardless of how pretty they are.

tell me joke promise i might laugh

Now you're putting me under pressure! lol

i think we shoud have a brit club a s in humor

Sounds like a nice idea! :)

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yes, i'm not a good joke teller, but I can ad lib pretty good. it's all train of thought - and with me, it's pretty much a train wreck...

u are a great ad libber join the brit club

I'm on board....

great we all need humour inour lives

If I didnt laugh, I'd probably cry! Waaaaa - you didnt befriend me Waaaaa!

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I'm glad I'm not the only one that has dry humor. lol I like to laugh at various things that people think are dumb... so I'm always laughing alone. My humor is also situational, haha... what's one funny thing that you've laughed at?

I was with my brother one morning in my car. We both love the movie "Tommy Boy". In it, there's a line where the blonde guy is talking about his car, "You hold onto a car this cherry... just like your suitcase" (Tommy Boy packs his clothes in garbage bags)... so there I was drinking Cherry Coke... and I said, getting out of the car, "You hold onto a Coke this Cherry..." lol

i popped my cherry at that one lol

LOL whoa. :)

Oh I think that you do fairly well. Are you ready for another joke yet?

what one of yours lol

Tee hee, you know how bad they are!

yeh youd clear a room

Im good at that!

heres abin bag its not for wearing

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