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No funny person has shared a story here.  Now that's funny.
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I have read that even if it is a fake laugh, if you laugh without anything being funny, it will create a good feeling and you may even really laugh. So laugh and then laugh some more. Funny stories here, especially the one about the doughnuts. "o)

I just cried - I was about 9 years old. Best one is my brother in law put Permatex on some cake donuts when they were aboard ship - the guys thought they got sompin special - chocolate frosted donuts - not so!

Damjn thats another case of a unique laxitive. In the eye outch. That would just be hard on the laundry in my estimation. I wouldnt want the preacher nearby either! Lol ;-)

Wow, that would smart for sure. My Mom thought she was putting Borofax in my eye as a kid and it was Mentholatum - she felt so badly about it - and needless to say I did too!

damn, I'd a though it was instant laxative if I put **camphophoenique in my eye Owwwww!<br />
(yes I know I misspelled it too Lol)<br />

Now this wasn't funny at the time but here we go.... Had cateract surgery and had all kinds of drops to put in my eye.One morning getting tired I guess of all the drops,just grabbed a small container thinking it was my drops, well I made up new dance moves that morning something between a stomp,and shinny.I had just put camperfiniqe (not sure of the spelling) a cold sore med. into my already sore eye.... Now I even laughed at myself after I had recovered.

It put a smile on my face! Thanks - I needed that! : ))

I once saw Richard Pryor live, he was talking about giving up booze. He said, "Yeah, I had to give up drinking, I just got tired of waking up doing 100 miles an hour." I had a black, bald friend who was a stand up. To begin his set he'd look at the (usually) all white crowd and say, "Boy, what a good looking audience, and you've got great taste in music too - reason I know that is while you've been settling in I've been rooting through your cars stealing CDs." He was the same guy who came up to me at work one day, all serious, and said, "Man, these girls today, the way they dress and wear make up, you can't hardly tell how old they are.......but you know who can tell? Juries, juries can tell." When people ask me if I like my job I tell them it's great except I just can't learn to get along with my boss. They ask where I work. I tell them the truth, I'm self-employed. - Not exactly a story, Moxie, but at least a little funny.

Irony! :-)