Sometimes I Do Things Without Thinking

Korean app:

Person: hi!

Me: hello~

Person: yo~ american!

Me: hi korean!

Person: what's your name?

Me: my name is erica

Person: oh really!? i'm orea

Me: yeah! nice to meet you orea

~few moments later~

ohh wait..

haha xD

With this app after you send a message you can't send another until the person you're messaging messages back. Also, when you get the app, you put your country in and the flag shows up when you message people, that's how they knew I lived in America and I knew they lived in Korea
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Which app is that ?

Doki Doki Postbox

You're the reason I have it on my iPod

Really? lol :)




Haha I had to read it a second time. XD

Lol xD

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