I Guess

I am funny, people say im really silly, but whats wierd and ironic about the whole situation is that most of the time people are laughing at me im usually dead serious about what im talking about.

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You reming me of Elliot from Scrubs.I only think she's funny when she's a train wreck ( ;

See EM thats my problem LOL<br />
<br />
And PTMAN your right shes a lil wounded, shes tough shell bounce back from it when its all said and done

i agree Sigma07 she is no train wreck. just a little wounded that's all. we will help her through it.

Sigma - you gotta be kidding me. You've read some of my blog. Or were you thinking "train wreck" is too mild a term?

Yup, I have a feeling you were serious about this story... and YET!.... by the last sentence I was cracking up!!! :O

Ur not a train wreck

Same for me. I couldn't tell a decent joke if my life depended on it, but everyone seems to get a laugh out of what a train wreck I am.

I know! I usually can make people laugh anytime I want but some of the hardest laugh came when I was being totally serious!<br />
<br />
Not sure about the silly part though.. :)