Funny Is My Middle Name

I have a natural high, so of course everything I do is funny. I can joke on anything, anywhere, etc. My punch-lines are always hard. From the effect it has on the victim, I can tell i damaged seriously. lol But I make sure not to be a real ***** about it, well that is if your not. I don't drag your family in it, talking about your moma this or your moma that! I speak the truth, but not till where it hurts. Cause I wouldn't want to be treated that way. They always say treat people like you wanna be treated. But anywho, Im SUPER silly. Im really cool to hang around, kick it with, whatever! If you spend a whole day with me, you will have a blast. So many things I do, lol i crack myself of. I guess i taste my own product huh? Beside funny as in ''ha ha ha'', i can also be that other funny. The funny that is true, and makes you realize, and see. The funny that makes you tak the time to really wonder, and say,''hmmmm.'' Im cool, why you think they call me labrise(Breeze)? But you ain't know?...Funny my middle name. HA HA!

labrise labrise
18-21, F
Mar 17, 2009