Or So I'm Told!

It's the weirdest thing... when I am trying to be funny, it never goes over well. People just look at me, as if I had lost my ever-loving mind. :-/

BUT, when I'm being serious... people laugh! ACK! Oh, well... I just go with it. Though, they have no idea... I'm being serious! I meant what I said! So, I just give a nervous chuckle and blush... "Yeah... that's funny. Heh-heh." =p

I do enjoy making others laugh! I guess it's good if it's unintentional too. ;-)

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2 Responses Jun 11, 2009

I know what you mean because I will say something just to add to the conversation and someone will take it the opposite. Make me want to say, but I was serious!

I know what u mean, and i know that feeling... its happened to me many a times too... <br />
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Fortunately, there are those moments too, when i am being funny and people actually DO laugh ;) so in the end, i guess somewhere it evens out :)