Fun adds to charm in life provided it remains within boundaries. Sometimes one indulges in fun making which is remembered and enjoyed. Once my hubby was going to shave when suddenly I recalled a piece of experience, so I decided to imitate. I immediately followed him, started teasing and when he was arou sed, started mast***ting him. As soon as he was about to eja**late I took juice in my hands and spread it over his cheeks, saying that he could shave now considering it shaving gel. He was thoroughly amused. We still remember and laugh.
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What a great idea, if Nudy ever runs out of shave cream he has something to use. lol

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You can try it now provided wife/gf accompanies.

Neither now, guess Nudy will have to work it out himself. lol
Just don't get any the mouth.

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Also fine idea.

which part doing it by hand or the getting it in the mouth part lol

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Wow Modeve Ure a real interesting n Intelligent gal ! If u wanna chat Pm me !


Playfulness--sexual playfulness--will keep your marriage wonderfully exciting and fresh...
Well done, Eve.

Thanks. We have experienced that sexual playfulness surely adds pleasure to life.