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funny no sarcastic definitely

The cat is glaring at you . lol

Lolol. He's drunk. I sent him to bed haha

I think that's a good idea . Keep your door shut . lol

Hahahahaha 😂😫

Made cat drink alcohol!! :( :(

Yes I seriously made my cat drink alcohol.. You're like not too smart

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One its just a picture it doesn't mean she gave the cat the stuff that was in the bottle I love it it's cute

Omg no! My cat wouldn't and have not received any alcohol. Lol

I don't see the humor in this post. There's a difference between telling a joke and being the joke.....lol, just sayin'. :)

If you don't find humor then why waste your time commenting on such an unfunny post? You're a retard. Stop being inconsequential

I guess you're the joke in this instance. Sorry.

Oh the picture didn't come up for me, that's why i didn't get this post. Ok Ok...that was semi-funny, not gonna lie. haha

.......... Lol

Next time don't be an ******* tho

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