Disclaimer: I have bird flu I don't feel good and I may offend someone. That being said....

So my damn fire alarm has been chirping for a week now. It sits ten feet up on the ceiling where I can only make crude gestures at it. Today, I tried to knock it down with the umbrella Amazon sent me in the thank you but no thank you care package that they sent. Sadly to my dismay the umbrella was a little short... Needless to say , I could only imagine what I must have looked like from an outsider looking in. I was in my underwear with a fully extended black umbrella swatting at a fire alarm that is on top of my ceiling. I am sure I looked like Mary Poppins taking on some
Evil chirping dragon. Anyways, At some point I realized I looked like a freaking idiot. Failed horribly to dislodge the chirped behemoth and went to my bedroom to sulk.

Yes it's still chirping. Every minute of every hour for a week now. You'd think that the damn battery would just DIE. I think it's now playing games with my mind. The chirping is either getting close together or I am succumbing to a slow death from bird flu drugs .

Yes, I did call management but I think that fell on deaf ears.

Maybe this is how they interrogate prisoners in Guantanamo bay.
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Yeah Management fixed it!