I First Heard This Term In The Movie "soylent Green"

It was 1973, the movie starred Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson. The year was 2022 only 10 years from now, but 50 years ahead of the movie. "Furniture" were the women that came with a condo when it was sold or repossessed by the bank. The women lived to please the owner and could be discarded if the owner was "redecorating." I never believed we would ever see anything like that, however, "life imitates art" and here we are we a registry for slaves just like "furniture."

Congratulations, Mrsmichelle, you were the first to post in this group and you were not even around when the movie was released...on the other hand, your parents were and perhaps they were the influence for your situation. 

I'm trying not to judge here, mind you, I'm only trying to observe. If you are participating and happy with this lifestyle, than I am happy for you. If this is your fantasy, good for you. If this is actual fact, it is a side of life I was completely unaware of until I joined EP. That there are 37 members of this group speaks for itself. It is apparently more common than those of us on the "other side of the street" ever realized.
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Sorry I don't know what you are refering to, furniture?

Love that movie, 1942, the Omega man and others of their ilk. Perhaps I was too young at the time, read the books in school and watched it when it was in the theater. I remember the line but the idea escaped me. Now I understand better. Ideas like this were why the stories were written and movies were made, to protest and put forward that some ideas and ways of thinking were wrong.