I Have Been Gainin Lots Of Weight

I have no clue why but i been always worriede about my weight. But now i am in high school and ther e is food all around you and i thought about how great it was. Like i was 100lbs going into highschool now I'm 120lbs and i justy finished grade nine!
I actually love being chubby. I'm thinking of maybe gaing more weight cause it feels great to have those extra pounds. Like its not healthy but as long as it feels great right? So I am going to be eating more for now on. Well I think i should. I been underweight for most of this time.
Like my underwear is even tighter along with my pants and shirts. People haven't really said anything yet. Like they don't really care as far as i know. Like most of my friends said they don't care they like me for who i am. Plus i am happy with my self anyways. So i think i will continue gaing weight. Cause that means i can eat whatever I want! :D

Thanks for taking taking the time to read this. Please comment! cause i want to know what you guys think or if there is any other people like me out there!.
Chazzyboy Chazzyboy
Jul 23, 2010