Long Time, No See...

I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted here.

Well, for your information, I'm still gaining. I'm 171 pounds now! (By the way, that makes me obese.)

I came clean to my family about my intentional weight gain. They were kind of surprised about it being intentional, but they've been fairly supportive. It helps that I was able to move out a couple of months before I revealed it to them. I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want, without anybody questioning me. I take full advantage of that!

I can't get over how round I am. (Isn't that so awesome? I'm round! Round! Not a stick, but round!) I never want to be anything but round ever again.

My belly is still the biggest part of my body, but the rest of my body is starting to catch up. My double chin is more prominent, and my arms are fatter than they used to be.

Is it weird that I feel like a queen? I feel like the fatter I get, the more like a queen I feel.

I love patting or rubbing my belly when I'm about to eat. I'm not quite sure why. Does anybody else like to do this?

My original goal was 175. I'm currently 4 pounds away from that. (Yeah!) I'm not sure how much more I want to gain after that, but I feel like I want to gain at least 5 pounds more, after I reach 175 pounds. This weight feels a lot better on me than I originally thought it would. I think I'll take it 5 or 10 pounds at a time, and see how it goes.
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6 Responses Jan 19, 2013

You did a good job.

I definitely find it arousing when a hefty gal with a big appetite pats her belly before/after eating.

Glad to hear you reached your original goal and are going to keep gaining.
200 sounds like a nice round number.

Not to mention a nice round belly!

Good job!

Good plan! I rub my belly too! And jiggle it and my moobs!

Hurrah! You got there! Congratulations and very well done.