Looking For Boyfriend 14-17

I am a typical 14 year old guy. I am fun and caring. I'm gay but I want to find a guy who I can talk too and mayne be in a relationship with. I live in California and yeah. Leave your kik or any type of social network and I'll find you. My kik is Aholatyler.
ohhoyty ohhoyty
13-15, M
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Message me whenever im gay manchester 15 add on kik ? Brettwoodcock

My suggestion is worry less about getting a boyfriend and just enjoy as much safe sex with as many people as you can and love and a boyfriend will come when it is ready! Ask more questions if you want.


KIK: nikko122

Haha me to

Are you a top or bottom? Versatile? What do you prefer?

I would like being a bottom more but I can top if I want too