From High School To The Navy

I scored very well ASVB. All the branches were making offers. I choose the Navy. I knew I was gay and hoped I would fair better as a sailor. After boot camp I was assigned to medic school. I felt I would like this kind of work. I excelled and was the top of my class. I was assigned to the Carl Vincent where with the doctors and medical staff received extensive training. My job though was not to be on ship. Rather I was assigned to a platoon of Marines. I bunked with them on ship and went with to fight. In Afghanistan we saw a lot of ****. I fixed up many of my Marines along the way. I got a reputation of being a great medic even tough I had to work often under fire. I was never afraid I knew my Marines had my back. I hide my orientation very well. One day we were patrolling a ver dangerous area and the Humvee hit an IUD. Davis was hurt bad. I went to work trying to save his leg. I was literally doing surgery. I knew if I could get his severed arteries repaired fast he would lose his leg. I worked on him 2 hours till the chopper came and continued on the chopper. The doctor looked at my work and was very impressed. Davis's leg would be ok. I returned to my unit the next day to a very happy unit. They called me Doc. This is a rare honor to have Marines call a medic Doc. I was now one of the them. We had a small reprieve and 4 of us flew to Thailand for a week of R&R. We drank a lot. I let my guard down. Garret kept close to me, he assumed the role of my protector awhile ago. We shared a room. During one drunk night we had hot sex. Me sucking him and him ******* me. Nothing was weird after but when we got back. My whole platoon knew. I was sure I was on my way out. Well instead my platoon treated me even better. And many more sexual advances were made. These men were all straight. But with me it seemed to be ok. When our tour was up we boarded ship to go home. I slept below deck with my Marines. We had lots of sex with me being the one accepting them in me. Once home they went to their wives and g/f. I was alone and gone in a deep depression. I was sent to Walter Reed where I learned more advanced medical procedures. And soon was back to Afghanistan with a new platoon of Marines. My title as Doc preceded me and I was accepted with no questions. I developed very close bonds with my Marines some more special than others. I never met one gay person. All were Straight. But their was room for me but it always meant taking the passive roll. I missed those times.
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Great story

i am a marine semper fi! Thank you for your service and for what i know you go through. i wished i had met you in my early days