A Lesbian And My Girlfriend Just Left For The Navy

My girlfriend Marissa and I have been together since 11-27-2011. She enlisted into the Navy and swore in before we started dating. I have been out about being gay for 5 years. I have a daughter who Marissa has built such a great relationship with. I have never fallen in love before not even as a high school fling or crush. I was in love with the idea of being in love but never truly experienced it. . So when I met Marissa I knew she was the one I was meant to be with for the rest of my life, and she felt the same, she never knew the things we shared together we even truly possible to feel. Our relationship has been like a romance movie you watch and wish you had someone like that. Over the 5 months we shared before she shipped out we built a healthy foundation and our trust. We had started to plan our lives together and what our hopes and dreams are, are almost identical. Marissa is truly my better half. I knew her being gone would be hard, but I never expected it to be as hard on me as it has been. I don't know what to do to ease the pain, and hurt. And I now have so much respect for every military wife because now I truly understand what it is like for them, and I'm living the same experience. My family is not supportive of what I am going through. They are convinced I am in a "PHASE" and the usual ignorant behaviors of family members that simply can not come to terms with hearing their close loved relative is gay. I have no one here anymore to be by my side and share my days with, and to comfort me and give advice. I find myself in depressed states and decided it was time for me to join a support group. So here I am on experience project and I'm hoping someone can help me deal with all the emotions and overwhelming feelings I now hold
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I came to your story via Ilove mysailor. Sorry to hear you are finding things so hard & you are not getting support from your family.

I think your strength comes from your deep feelings for your partner & like any other military wife, it will be this that gets you [& her] through the separation.

If you would like to talk more I am a male counsellor & am always willing to listen to anyone regardless of their situation.

looks like we are in similar situations... <br />
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(ima "add you to my circle")<br />
lol we must talk. (im new on here.. need a friend..)