Diapers, Pooping And Me

Well, I'm a gay man and have loved wearing and using diapers for the longest time. I think it got started when I was 5 and I was having accidents in my pants and I got spanked and put in a diaper by my Dad. Anyways, I love the feeling of pooping in a diaper and sitting in it. The feeling and warmth of the poop as it fills my diaper is amazing. The only thing I love better is having a man undress me and change my diaper just like I was a baby and then playing with my body and finally entering my *** before he puts me back in my diaper.
chubbybabyanthony chubbybabyanthony
46-50, M
2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

yea two guys in soiled diapers getting frisky can be fun but I like it better when its just me in a soiled diaper and a daddy taking care of all of my needs both diaper wise and sexually. I guess I like the submission and the being taken care of.

I love the warm, mushy feeling of poop in my diaper and squishing back up my crack when I sit down. It's really fun fooling around with another dude in a soiled diaper. Two guys in soiled diapers getting frisky = insane fun!