My First Time...

My first time pooping in a diaper was when I were 16 1/2 years old. I was on my way to a friends house, when I felt this huge urge to poop. I didn't want to be late, so I went by my granddad who used diapers. I put one diaper on (just in case) and started walking again. After 50 meters, I really, really had too poop. I had a diaper on, but still didn't want to poop. 100 meters after... I now had to pee too, and were almost not able to hold the poop in. It is a 6,2km long walk to my friend, and I hadn't gone far. (1,5 km or so) I tried as hard as I could to keep everything inside, but were not able too hold it much longer. I remember thinking of letting it all go, and I were turned on. I saw a little store ahead, and desided to use the toilet there. When I came to the door, it were closed. I almost started crying, because it hurt in my *** and stomach. I found a bisycle on the ground and took it. I accidentally peed a little when I sat down on the bisycle, and got even moore turned on then earlier. I started rubbing my penis, and it didn't take verry long before I had o let all the pee go. I kept on sycling, and suddenly i felt my bowels mooving. I were about to poop my pants. I pushed a little, but couldn't get it out, so I standed up on the sycle and pushed carefully, and it came much, fast like BOOM! Syddenly I found myself in a diaper which I had peed and pooped in, and actually enjoying it. For the first time in ages, I were embarassed when I came over to my friends house. There were some people there already, but I ran to the toilet when I came in. I got rid of the diaper, but knew I would have to poop some more later, so I put on the extra diaper I took from granddad. Nobody noticed until everybody had gone home, except me. I were going to stay the night, because his parents were out of town. We were going to bed, and we desided to borrow his parents bed. He started to take his clothes of, and asked me why I didn't take my clothes of before going too sleep. I told him it were nothing, just a silly thing I did earlier. He dragged my pants down, and saw the diaper. He laughed. He asked if that was al. I told him everything that happened, and he told me he also enjoyed pooping/peeing in diapers. He took a diaper on too, and we pooped together. We fell asleep before we got to do anything else. The next morning, we woke up and found ourselves naked and holding eachother. We were both turned on by knowing that it could mean we might have had sex. We both got an erection, and we had sex. We pooped more and had more sex during the day, and the rest of the weekend, because his parents didn't come home until tuesday...; ) Hope you enjoyed!

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good stry. it turned me on

what was it proper anal sex?