I Have Been Out Of The Closet

I have been out of the closet, since Feb. 10th, 2009.  And I have been on Adult Friend Finders, Out Personnel.com, , Horny Matches .com. And, still nothing?  I am beginning to think, that there is noone out there for me?  I have searched, and searched and still noone?  I have spent, alot of money, on these web-sites.  They, either want, to have more than one person in the room, or they want benefits, I am all for that but I want to get now the person I am with.  I am hoping to find a LTR, sometime in the near future.  I want the same respect from him as I would for myself!  I live in the hills of WV, and yes, I do have running water, and yes I wear shoes, and indoor plumbing.

I would like to meet that Special Someone one day soon?  My friends and family have accepted me for who I am.  The members of the church, and were I go know about my Life style.  And, why should I hide the fact, that I am Gay.   My motto is:  Gay is the Way, and the Way is to be Gay!  I am Proud of it and so should we, be.  I don't want to hide anymore, and I shoun't have , too!

My mother, before she passed away last May, knew I was, ut in her heart, did not want to believe it.  But she did accept me because she loved me.  So, I want to know what the Hell is wrongwith me that I cannot find someone to love me.  I am tired of begin lonely, I want to grow, an have a partner for life.  If they want children, that's fine by me I can accept that.  I am a owner of two homes, and getting ready to start a business, I am a town-coucilman of the town in which I live in.  I sit on the Board of the local Chamber of Commerce, I am the President of the Neighborhood Watch program, I am and actor for the WECAN program for the children in this area.  I am and help serve the Police, in this area, but yet, I cannot seem to find someone on these websites, and it ****** me off!  I want to love that special someone, and treat him with the same resecpt, as i would for myself.  Is that so hard?

I love the fact that I am Gay, and I so not have to hide it anymore!  At my last class reunion I told all of them i was Gay, and proud of it.  So if your interested in getting to know me, then come on here and let's get to know each other and see where it goes!

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There's only onne problem here about that? And that is there's no gay bars, night clubs, or saunas. Just Redneck bars, and a bunch of the elderly. The neariest gay bar is 21/2 one way and two hours another. And not much happening any where else. The web-sites are a joke!

I think your problem is one experienced by many who try to find love on the internet.<br />
Internet dating is the biggest scam of the decade.<br />
You need to get OUT to gay saunas, bars.<br />
The tragedy of being gay however is that there are few long term relationships because we live in a blow and go culture