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I'm Gay And I Need A Boy Friend

All my life i've been told what i'm suppose to do and who i'm suppouse to be, i suppouse to be a sweet nice and happy straight kid but no that ship has sailed and i missed my ride so i got on another and sailed away to a happy city called gay city Population: this ***** right here. All i want is a boy friend to be there when i want him to be here and to have him hold me and kiss me.i'm 100% Gay and Male i'm 13 and live in Newport R.I.
Gay4Real44 Gay4Real44 13-15 2 Responses Jun 22, 2011

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OMG! i totally understand, i'm in the same position! i feel so trap in my own body, i hate the feeling of liking somebody and not be able to tell how i feel, and act like like nothing.... i wish there was an easy way in order to be yourself without people judging.

I want that to I'm not 100% gay but I'm about 74%. I wish I have a boyfriend soon!

its always sad when ur alone I am to alone and still in the closet
kinda wish someone would acknowledge me and say i want to be with that guy