This Happened Last Night

I was in the local gas station/food mart standing in line waiting to check out. A guy that I have never seen before turned to me and asked "Are you religious? ". I answered in my smart *** way "Not usually in a gas station."

Then he proceeded to tell me a joke about a  gay priest (which I will not repeat because it was offensive and frankly not very funny).

It was interesting to me that he asked if I was religious but never asked if I was gay before telling the joke.  I think that is was very telling of how people think of gays in a small town. They worry that they might offend a religious person but have no care about offending a gay person.

I know that might have been a good time where I could have stood up and told him I was offended because I am gay. But I did what I usually do in uncomfortable situations; Smiled politely and fled as fast as I could. 
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Awesome conclusion, and extremely assertive!

You did the right thing. Homophobia is a sickness and many who are homophobes are closet cases themselves. There is no reasoning with these people as we in California found out during the Prop. 8 campaign against gay marriage here. Young Mormons used to visit here a few years ago to convert me and my partner but he politely asked them to never come back and we haven't been bothered by them since. I was going to post a "no trespassing" sign on my driveway gate but luckily found it wasn't necessary. Other than these few experiences with some of the so-called religious people here in this town, we have been well accepted and are happy living here. Remember all we have to do in this world is have a kind heart and loving spirit and treat others with the respect we desire for ourselves and we too will reap the reward promised by our Creator. Please don't waste time worrying about your worthiness. You ARE worthy and will NEVER be punished for the sexual gifts you were given. A clergyman I met several years ago told me he believed maybe only one person a day in the world is condemned to eternal hell and that is because the person was thoroughly evil. Keep ************, ******* and sucking and ENJOY every minute of it. lol