Do You Think I Should Tell Him?

Okay, here it goes.. I'm in love with a school friend of mine who is of the same age as I am. We have been together since 10 years or more. And had been best friends ever since. But recently I realized i love him a bit toooooooooo much and its affecting on my academics and other important things in my life. I keep thinking about him every hour. Ive told him a few times that i like him.. ( indirectly and he has always taken it as a joke) you know how it is with school friends,.. I have stopped talking to him now and it has really helped me concentrate. He just does not know why I am not talking to him. And he seems pretty upset about it. I have decided to write him a huge e-mail. Do you think I should send it? Here it goes-

I believe you're not a bad person at all. I have absolutely no grudges against you. I'ts just that that I have no control over my emotions. My life is on a very crucial point right now. And I cannot risk it by falling in love or thinking about someone for the whole day. Call me a ******, call me an idiot it really does not matter. Yes, I wont deny the fact that I liked you throughout school and even when I was in Pune for my high school. You would never understand and I dont even want you to. Its really hard to curb super strong emotions for me. I am finally out of that stage by not talking to you. It has been really helpful to me since the past two three days. Im really concentrating on my academics as of now.I need to clear it with a decent percentage. I'm not ***** fighting and doing all of that which i used to do earlier. I guess its the most sensible decision of my life. You're an inspiration to many including me! Its difficult to detach from a person you admire so much , but its all just too too too messed up for me right now. And yes, lastly, I had to gather great great guts to write this huge , colossal e-mail. But then what really made me write it was just the simple thought that I will never ever be afraid to say the truth, even if it meant   losing the people you love the most. 
So yea pretty much it.
take care,
Love, LOVE , LOVE (Remember! I am not scared at all!)
A huge, huge, huge SIGH OF RELIEF!

That's the end of the e-mail. Listening to a song by barbra streisand "I am a woman in love" .I just love the song!
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1 Response Jul 17, 2010

hi... if u read my story you know that i am going trough the same thing.... but i tried what you are doing i tried to detach from him N it worked but just the first days then it was almost impossible to stay away from him since we are neighbors... and let me tell you it hurt alot to me and i know it hurt him too cus he alawys kept asking me why was i avoiding him. So i think that if you want to tell him ( cus eventually you are but in an e-mail ) you should tell him straight to his face and tell him the simple truth. I wish you the best. ^^