God, Are They That Stupid

My mother can't figure out why I hate to carry a purse...how come I can shovel a driveway for 4 hours, fix a dishwasher with my bare hands- I just got accepted for my EdD (Doctoral Degree) last week to a major university- my job is ok-have a book coming out soon- nice house -blah blah- and she says in the middle of a store "we have got to get you married"...what is this MA?  Pakistan? Yeah, maybe we can get a goat for me- Why can't I just say it? 
ladolcevita ladolcevita
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4 Responses Dec 16, 2007

Because of your religion possibly.

Maybe her answer wont be pleasant but at least she can console herself by knowing that her daughter is really doing well in life , you have a nice job, a nice house, your a strong independent woman. Your strong physically ( i know for a fact i wouldn't last 4 hours shoveling the driveway) and your smart and educated .She made an amazing daughter and she sould be pround regardless of your sexual orientation.

Maybe its time to tell mom..how long can you hide it for :(

Cus maybe you're not ready to hear the answer, cus it might not be pleasant.