Gay Is So Hot Right Now

So, maybe it's just me, but sometimes I really feel a lot of tension with the hetero world, mainly for one reason.  Whether they love us or hate us, straight people see gay people as cool, sort of like the latest accessory that every woman should have and every man who's sure of himself should find for his girlfriend.  I don't know.  The way I think of it is in terms of places like the Castro and Chelsea and the Marais and Manchester.  At one time these were places where men (and occasionally women) would go to form a community and to meet men who, like themselves, were sexually and/or emotionally attracted to men.  Now, at least during the day, these places have become havens of tourism, where the "cool" or "hip" or "fashionable" or "liberal" or "normal" straight person can go to peer at gay people, almost like..."Ooo, honey, look at the funny gay man.  Awww, he's kissing a man.  That's so nice."

Yeah, that's my latest frustration with being gay.  I'm gay, but I don't show it off, and I'm not here to entertain.  Real equality to me means not feeling like your in the spotlight because your gay, just as much as it means being able to show your affection in public and have acceptance from the outside world.  Acceptance can go to far, too.
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28 Responses Oct 11, 2006

Of course because we are a higher evolved part of the species. We know sex is good and more sex is great.

Oh god Glee is f ing hilarious! "Wow the only thing missing here is a dozen bodies limed and rotting in shallow graves under the floorboards! AHA! Need sex...soooo bad..

gay must be accepted world wide and be treated as normal people created by god since they got born as gays
and being gay is a normal thing ,
its just as a woman wants a boy
a gay boy wants a man like him
i see anyone disagree with me , he is psychologically ill
wish u get the point

Know any ex-gays?

I know 2 guys who once lived as Gay men
but have "changed" and so far live like
str8 people, married to women, kids, etc.
I'd guess they were only Bi, or "experimenting"
as youngsters, because if a person is truly
Gay its always there. You can choose not to
act on your attraction to your own gender,
but you don't just wake up str8 one morning.

Apparently, the burning spotlight shone on the sexual abuse of children in recent years is responsible for the push back the homosexual agenda experiences.

After all, a Ped0phile is a parent's worst nightmare.

Are you really saying males who copulate with male children is not homosexuality?

Look up "homosexual" in the dictionary then get back to me :)

Yet you differentiate yourself from them. I am bi so I feel very much of what u say, even from the gay community. Keep posting, please :)

I know just how you feel. Too many women always think, "Oh my G-d, those gay men kissing are SO hot!" and I feel objectified by it. The same happens with lesbians and men. My parents, who don't accept me, even say that I'm just doing what is trendy, and that most gay people only want attention. But I know this isn't true. Most people saying being LGBT is trendy are either in denial about themselves or they don't wanna accept that someone they care about (in my case) is gay, lesbia, bi, trans, whatever.

Where'd the Q go??? Theres a Q in there! I lived it <3

If you feel this you should try eastern Europe. Hungary probably. There are a lot less acceptance here. But I agree. Too much is not good either but I think it's still better than intolerance.

Society growing up. Discovering itself. Playing with its new toy. No bad thing.Its the means to an end. No bad publicity.Then it'll be accepted. Like buying sweets or petrol without ration coupons.
If it wasn't for things now, I wouldn't have finally stopped living in denial. There was a lot of stigma attached when I grew up

I understand where you are coming from. I am a 27-year-old gay man from a small town in the northwest. My aunt and uncle own a rustic style grill and bar that has become a haunt of straight people. The straight men that arrive with their friends, girlfriends/wives are fully aware that it caters to the gay community due to the pride flag that is perched by the front of the door. There is also a sharp sign posted by the front of the bar saying, “We welcome all to have a beer and great food. If you are mean, or you dislike gay dudes, lesbians, or murals of half-naked men, you can skedaddle.”

hey there friends!! i'm a bi-male i.e. a person who likes to have fun with both men and women,,,<br />
<br />
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I agree with you. Every word you said is the truth. We don't deserve to feel like accessories. We are people to ^.^

sometimes I feel I should have came with a designers I know how you feel.

Amen! I love you for saying all that, I've had people tell me "I love lesbians! Will you be my friend?" "OMG I can totally picture you with another girl that is soooo cute!" and "Yeah I'm going to be friends with you because I'm trying to seem more open-minded". So I'm a trend? Cool. Just fantastic.

lol Last summer my boyfriend and I were in Central Park, our arms around each other as we walked along enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze in the air. We kissed every now and then and at one point when we kissed we could overhear a man tell his children to look away from us. My bf looked right at the man and said, "Sweetie you're only upset because you don't get the chance to kiss this sweet thing I'm holding onto right now," and then he planted his lips on mine and we Frenched each other right there. Then we walked on smiling back at them.<br />
Who cares if we kiss? Everyone else does. In the words of the Beatles, Let it be. Right?

It always amazes me how there are actually some guys who
don't love kissing someone with razor stubble!

Hot, that's so dumbbbbbbbbb!

Try to get beyong the idea that homosexuality is a " TREND" It's the preference of a human being, if you do think this way you will crash into a wall, sneakers are a trend.

I can totally relate and do avoid the "spotlight" most of the time cuz I look like a strait guy, act like a strait guy, and hang out with strait guys so its really hard to figure me out if you don't know me. I'm strait up just being me, and if anyone asks me I will not hesitate to tell them. I do not live in fear, but when I go out to the clubs and such with friends I do tend to get checked out by lots of girls, its common. All my friends are sure to put it out in a hurry that I'm gay therefore not available, its just so natural for them to put me out like that cuz I guess it makes them more available or maybe cool having a gay friend themselves idk I think its kinda funny.

When I came out to my Ex-husband he got on the internet and found a straight spouse network... He would tell me all these things about Gay people. In the end i thought they were very sad lot who Knew way toomuch about something they Actually knew nothing about.<br />
<br />
98% of people i have come out to accept me for the gay woman i am.I think that fact is something we can build on.I am not judge for being Lesbian. AND THAT MY FRIENDS IS A WONDERFUL THING. THAT IS HARMONY. THAT IS UNITY. THAT IS ACCEPTANCE<br />
<br />
And here the ex was telling me my life was going to be hard. he is now going out with a woman who has three preteen girls. who life is going to be hard? I feel free for the first time in my life.

Its the in thing man.......

Things that were taboo 10-20 years ago have become common place now. Gays and breeders are nor intermingling in clubs and shops. When I lived in D-town aka Dallas the gayborhood was becoming more fabulous than ever new shops and new appartments were being built 2 years ago and it was the trendiest place to be. The quality of life was improving and breeders were starting to take notice and if they don't mind being surrounded by gays then I don't mind hanging out with them. What I do mind is when they take up all the front row seats at the Rose Room in S4 when I lived in d-town that was the best place to see a drag show.

It seems to be the new fad among teenagers... Or am I just seeing things?

we have a local gay bar , quite a few straight people go there , just because there is never any trouble there , and they can enjoy a night out without a fight at the end of the evening

this is how it is where i live . i live in a very large city and i live in the gayborhood (ghetto) i love it here .from what i understand this area was a vibrant, buzzing sector prior to the aids crisis and became a sorta ghost town w/ guys dying and no one wanting to buy the homes here, it sounds like it was really bad here. so now the gayborhood has rebounded but the word got out about the great quality of life here and young straight people started moving here. now we coexist and they come to my gay bars/restaurants/ shops/theaters and yes i have even gone into some of their hangouts and its really pretty cool. when straight friends want to meet out we go to both places but they usually want to stay at the gay establishments. cause they have so much more fun. so to cap off, i don't think we have straights here to gawk, we all just live are lives here and appreciate the diversity and all the benefits that it brings .

i do see what your saying... we are almost like acceories.. everyone wants a "fabulous" gay friend or a butchy lesbian to be frineds with... almost somethimes like it is their act to charity.. the think we are cute and they can pick from us which ones they like just like kids in an orphanage.. it disgusts me

Well..... I guess what you say here is another part of reality that exsists in this world. Good for you I guess.<br />
<br />
Some countries are not like this though and more has to be done for only acceptance not mentioning showing off. Well this is the definition of diversity I guess for different diversity as well (thats sounds wierd).<br />
<br />
But what you say here is also... , every argument can be proven by two opposite statements and everything can be far fetched. So it is matter of society how to handle every situation like these you mention and how "out" gay people are. Even for gays there are categories so everything depends on the facts and experiences one has.<br />
<br />
Ok.... seems confusing but yes. Living as a gay man (or woman) is not one thing that can be described in simple terms. All depend on the person and experiences that follow us.

you're completely right man, I live in a country where gay culture is going up, but people still living in that fake face of macho culture... And think just the gays are a lot of "locas" and drag queens, and some "straights" go to places where gay people use to go just to watch and say stupidities... And just like beezybellie says, this people it's more gay than any other...

Don't feel to weird. Sometimes the heteros that like to go gay spotting, are in fact gay and its a pathetic way for them to feel more comfortable with themselves.<br />
I live in a small city, that's close to a large city, and sometimes i like to hit up the hot spots to know that yes there are more gays out there.