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I came out in 1975, or should I say I was dragged out in 1975, at the age of 15 I was caught in the public loo of a busy bus station in a not so delicate position with another man. I was dragged handcuffed to the waiting police car, whilst the other gentleman was dragged to another police car, both to the local police station. On finding out my age the other gentleman wept openly, the age of consent at the time was 21. He got 6 years imprisonment I got 2 years probation for a victimless crime. I have committed no offence since, and have been is several openly gay relationships, but to my dismay, I now find myself after all these years on the sexual offences register. Why?
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I too was under the impression that my record would have been wiped clean - that is until this new sexual offences register came in - so be warned - if you committed the minor sexual offence of importuning or gross indecency with another man many years ago you too will be on this register

That's Not Fair, if that happened here, in the US, your record would have been wiped clean.

That’s putting it mildly to say the least

un fXcking belevable !!!!!!