I'm Gay, But There Is Also Something Else...

Now, i've accepeted the fact that I am gay. I've actually told a few close friends, and they've been very accepting. But see, there s a problem. I'm only attracted to older men.

Some people say that being attracted to older men is just a phase, but I know this isn't a phase for me. I just find older men physically attractive, and I actually like the idea of being with an older man. But I'm only fifteen. (turning 16 in march.) I just don't know what to do. I want to at least meet an older man to become fronds with and have a conversation with, because it would be illegal for me to be with an older man.

I know I'll probably have to wait until I am eighteen to find someone, but I wish I didn't have to. If someone could give me some advice, that would be great/

for those who are curious, when I say older I mean 35-50's.
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Hey, by the way please add me, you are one of those can't add people --I never understand that.

Sorry I disagree with the guy below. I liked and had lots and lots of sex withholder guys (started when I was five, so naturally) and you learn a lot from older guys. Now I'm an older guy and I really like to serve, help and love younger guys. You know the "love that dare not speak its name" of Oscar Wilde was not just love between men as the gay movement has sort of appropriated that. It was the love of an older man for a younger which was the great tradition in Greece and Rome. I don't go with the haters who say we recruit, but I do think that that is the endearing and enduring relationship for gay men, and a wonderful generational connection. Certainly do not want a husband, I know there is no price charming, and I wold hate the guilt and limitations of monogamy. I am not an assimilationist or a faux heterosexual. They have a lot more problems than we do because gay men just love sex and make great friends along the way. The more the merrier. Love bukkake and orgies and just love men, boys and to worship *****! *** is my transubstantiation and ***** are my god. I have been so happy and had such a lucky and great life!!

For now, become friends (real friends not sex friends) with men. See how the dynamics work (and the ways in which they don't). Any intelligent man you meet will not be willing to have any physical / sexual contact until you are 18... if they tell you that they will - beware.. they are probably a predator.<br />
There is nothing wrong with developing a good friendship with any person of any age... just always beware, especially on the net.<br />
Think you will find that if you develop a few friendships and get to know men, you will learn and when you are of age, and no longer dependent on your family that you can launch into a new world with a lot more knowledge and experience. <br />
If a man is worth knowing - he will be interested in being a true friend. If he doesnt want to invest in a friendship, he isnt anyone you should ever be romantically involved with.<br />
Many men are predators, that is our nature and in our DNA, however - decent men can control it and would never have sex with a child - of an gender.<br />
I am in my 50's and over my entire life have had friends of all ages... from "8 to 80"... getting to know some gentlemen will enable you to learn from them, and will give you a good idea of what it will be like once you are of age if you fall in love with an older man..<br />
Best of luck, and do be careful.

I know how you feel I am 16 and find older men attractive also and I dont see that attraction going away. But i made the mistake of seeking out older men on the internet and it has really screwed up my life. My parents first of all found out i was talking to an older man that i shouldnt be talking to about things i shouldnt hav been talking about. Then on top of that I fell in love with the guy and when my parents found out about him they also found out i was gay, and that had to be the worst possible way for your family to find out your gay. Ive lost the first person in my life i truly loved and now i am depressed as hell. You dont want to get involved with an older guy believe me from experience it ended in the worst possible way. I thought about suicide alot, i lost all respect and trust i had with my parents, i lost my first true friend and person i cared about. And after all that i found out that he was the worst kind of guy and was with others kids online also. My life has been turned upside down by the fact that i acted on the feeling that i had even tho i knew them to be completly wrong at the time. I got so wrapped up in a fantasy world that i left everything else i had. <br />
My world has flipped it self upside down then exploded lol believe me DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH OLDER MEN until you are the proper age. I learned the hard way and believe me its the worst possible path to go down. please take this advice from someone with experience you do not want to lose everything.

Kyle, if you are wanting an older man to talk to, I will offer myself as an email buddy. I make no other requests or demands. No attempt to see you in person. I am willing to chat with you here on EP or on AOL. My screen name on AOL is exactly what it is here on EP. Please read my profile and/or some of my stories to be sure I am the one you wish to correspond with. You will get honest answer and sincere answers to your questions.<br />
<br />
One request, let's set up some kind of signal to be it is you when/if you contact me on AOL. Let's do that here, you send me a private message. Please.<br />
<br />

I know of some one just like you. His mother use him to benefit herself. She, used him for drugs ad for money. Now this young man, is really messed up. They, raped this boy fom the age of 10 to 18. I am surprised, he hasn;t taken his own life. Be he is seeking help. So, Please listen to us, just wait for now. Find someone your own age, they are out there.

I am a bi guy who is 46 years old. I like younger guys, but I only like them 18 plus. i just find it awkward getting into today's music and the younger generations party scene. i can't i am just too old. the best i could do was getting someone my own age interested in me. Now that I am older Mostly I attract men way older than me, and it is hard because I don't have much in common with them either. In the end I just stick with the guys around my own age. Things seem to be working out pretty good that way. Good luck.

I like redmonster13's idea. PLEASE stay with in your age group aleast till you turn 18. I am a fifty year old telling you this. I AM NOT A CHILD MOLESTER. But for you sake, there are in this world, that are! Make it somethng after you turn 18, Make It a Goal, but only then, and only then, just wait till you turn 18. I know you are wanting to, but 4 years isn''t to long from now. Don't loose your childhood inosence now. Please!