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I think I am gay? Or at least bi. I'm DEFINITELY not straight, that's for sure. I think love knows no bounds. I will gladly date a black girl just as quickly as I will a white boy. Skin doesn't bother me... When it comes to sex, though, I hate female parts.. **** are nice though, I love boobs. But I HATE *****. It freaks me out. I'd rather take a **** any day..
I was engaged to a black girl once, and have a kid with her, but I was so young at the time... Like, fifteen or so. Far too young. I currently have a boyfriend, whom I plan to marry.
The only problem with that, is... I can't come out. I want to. But I'd be beat SENSELESS, and I'm not kidding. My Foster family is overtly religious and don't exactly believe love is blind and all that.. They're stuck on marriage being strictly between man and woman for pro-creation. Anything else is an abomination and a major sin punishable by loss of phone and internet privileges, loss of a social life, and being forced to a church I don't believe in. Beside that, I would be whipped with a real leather whip that has the nice metal balls on the end. Is that legal? Tangent.. Sorry. Anyway. It feels nice to at least come out on here and voice my gay life. Thinking about it, though, I think it's my Mom's fault I hate vaginas. And the only person to ever treat me right is my current boyfriend, who I was just friends with back when I was convinced I was straight. Ohh, fairy tale moment, content sigh. So... I met him in grade eight, right? I was barely fourteen, and he was barely eighteen. I hated him then, because he was interested in my twin and they even dated. But then, around December '08, **** happened and we became friends. Finally at the end of my ninth year, we hooked up. It was supposed to be a temporary fling, but it grew. We got closer. Fell in love. I started accepting that I looked at guys more than chicks, that maybe I am gay. I hated the thought at first, you know, with the stereotypes and all, but I'm cool with it now. Real chill. My Foster family has no idea. They joke about it, but they don't know. How could you not? We've been together every minute of every day since we hooked up and we sleep together every weekend. We've almost been caught making out and screwing a few times, too. I guess you only see what you want to see. I don't get what it matters to them, though. I'm nit really their little gay son, I'm a Foster brat. They could hand me over instead of beat me. man, did the Bible ever make people fickle... Well, sorry fake-fam, God and Jesus and the lot, I like a thick **** stabbing NY prostate more than putting myself in a gooey, slimy, mucus membrane to please a chick. It's just not my style. That doesn't make me a ******, which is a bundle of sticks, haters, because I'm still a tough *** *****, and I'll beat you down if I have to before giving a nice blow job :]
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so nice post man ... u r awsome man no body can touch u with these lines ... this is great ... i really like this ****.

i'll beat you down if i have to before giving a nice blow job lol!!!! is that legal