Love Sick

I remember being in love or just a having a major crush on someone.  And i how much i hate it.
 walking into a new job and thinking "don't fall in love with your co-worker".  but
you can't help who you love and you can't prevent it.  And all the crazy stuff you do just
to get his or her attention.  its insane.   your heart feels like its going to explode and
you think over and over what you want to tell him.  But when it comes out, its not what you wanted to
say.  I mean i've actually done that. situations like that... i only thought could happen in movies.
i guess we are all in our own little movies sometimes.

i've been to wal-mart shopping for groceries and i'll always look at the corner of my eye to see if
he's there too.  and when someone who you think looks like that person you turn and stare just to see
if thats him or not. Checking my phone just in case he texted me or tried calling me. 
But when i do see him, i try to ignore him... don't know why.  I guess im afraid
to go up to him and start a normal conversation.  or if i do go up to him and start talking, it gets
awkward, so i lie that i gotta be somewhere just to get out of that position.  lol thank god for
alchol lol.

                                             don't try getting wasted and talking
                                               to that person you got a crush on
                                                  9/10 times it will probably end
                                                           up bad on your part
                                                                 TRUST ME!!

i get love sick so bad sometimes.  but when i look back its funny, then i start to miss him but only
for that quick second after i sigh.  Sometimes before i go to sleep i day dream of what might have
happened if i did something different.  If i would've leaped before i jumped. lol thanks for reading
it always makes me feel better to let stuff like this out.

lorsive lorsive
22-25, M
2 Responses May 8, 2011

Lorsive, I know your story was over a year ago but I know what you mean about leaping without looking first! I feel the same way about some of my past relationships... What if it was different... Did I make the right choice? Sad thing is in my "scenario". The choice isn't mine it's his. Thank you for responding! Xoxo

i still feel like this sometimes... i think my whole life i will have regrets and wish i could go back in time... thanks for reading!

That is what this project is all about. Tell your stories of your experiences and get the feelings off your chest and out in the open. No one will criticize you for what you feel or what you have done.<br />
There are all kinds of people here, straight, gay and whatever. We all tell our own stories and experiences for others to read.<br />
Sometimes we make very good friends with those who have read our stories.