Letting It Out

well ,im falling in love with a good friend.... i don't know what to do.  in a way, i want to let him know how i feel.. but thats always hard.
the feeling of getting rejected and never seeing him again.  and i know that everything takes time but sometimes i can't stand it. I've heard the saying that if he's a real friend, then he'll understand. maybe he will maybe he won't.  people are wierd. when i first came out to people, they said that i'm confused and i don't know who i am.. but i know exactly who i am and how i feel.  i want to be with him forever but i don't want to lose a friendship.  we talk about everything together, hang out all the time. and sometimes i feel like he knows me more than my family does even though he doesn't know that im gay.
i wish these things weren't so damn complicated.

i know he's straight and i wish he wasn't. but maybe i'm just greedy.  i respect him and his feelings so thats why i don't want to let him know.  i remember everyone's reaction when i told them i was gay.  it always surprised them. sometimes they laughed, denied it, or didn't really care. 
or they would say "i know my brother isn't gay", "how do you know your gay",  and its hurtful.  i don't want to go through that again. i wish they would just know. 

i have really good friends who understand me. most of them know that i'm gay and it doesn't bother them anybit.  and sometimes they would even joke about it.  but i've also heard stories of how people get beat up and even die for the way they are.  one of my best friend told me that it doesn't matter if im gay or not because its not him so it doesn't matter.  i wish more people would think like that..  well i don't really know where im going with this story but i've heard this is the place to let it all out... thanks jimmdean001

well thinks for reading
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Danny I am so happy for you and everything you do, Cooper and I will always be here for you and I understand you 100%. You do what your heart tells you, and I wish you nothing but the best in life....<br />
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your sister-in-law Liinda:)

Yeah, tell him you are gay, tell him you fancy him. Whatever gis reaction its going to get things moving for you. Either to a relationship with him, or he will run off, leaving you free to find a guy yourself.

you know the best thing to do is to confess and get it over with... don't wait because the longer you wait, the more difficult your chances will be... i'm saying this ba<x>sed on my friend's experience so hear me out okay? don't wait until the person you love finds someone else... don't keep your feelings to yourself... have courage and confess to him directly, IF He rejects you... accept it!!! LOVE hurts anyway... at the least be proud you were able to tell him your feelings!... but if by any chance He returns your feeling, won't you be happy? for doing something that really had changed your life... :)

lorsive,and yonas22g, many gay people go through what you are going through. I have been there myself. Trust me when I tell you this, this is important, VERY important: you need to move on and stop hanging around with this guy. I know it is difficult, I know that you think it is impossible, but it is not. You need to find a way to stop being around him so much. I know it is not his fault, or yours, but let me tell you what will happen. Some day he will meed the girl of his dreams and drop you like a bad habit. It is not wrong of him, it is only natural. Now, this may not happen for 3, 4, maybe 5 or 6 years from now. But when it does, you will, for the rest of your life, regret the years that you wasted on this relationship that was destined to fail from the start. It will be YOU, not him, who will then know that you could have spent this time searching for a true soul mate of your own. I would guess that you are young. You will not always be young. PLEASE, do not waste your youth like this. Do not look back and know that you could have been doing something productive instead of wasting your time trying to make this guy love you like you love him. It is OK to keep him as a friend, and he may be your best friend for the rest of your life, but he will never be your lover. He will never love you like you love him. He will never be the guy you come home to each night and kiss and eat dinner with and then watch some TV then go to bed with. That is not going to happen. Celebrate his friendship, nurture it, and be a good friend to him, but understand that YOU need to take care of yourself and your wants and needs and your future also. This guy is not your future. You need to "date" other gay guys. However you can, you need to do that now. Don't wait. Make a change in the way you think about this situation and make that change now. He doesn't own you, don't let that happen. It will only end in resentment, you don't want your friendship with him to end like that.<br />
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Good luck to both of you. My heart goes out to both of you. I truly do understand how you feel. Please, do the right thing for yourself, before it is too late.

hey buddy i face z same problem & i don't no what to do.