What's a Gay Guy Like Me to Do?

Hi there.  I'm new here.  I'd like to meet other gay men.  I'd like friendship and a possibility at finding love.  Here's a little bit about me.  I'm in my middle 40s.  I've had cerebral palsy for all of my life.  I still live at home.  I like to read Stephen King's books and to watch classic comedies, paranormal and reality series on TV.  My favorite comedienne is Lucille Ball.  I have all 194 "Ricardo-Mertz" episodes on DVDs.  I'm a writer who writes poetry, prose and song lyrics, but only when I'm inspired to do so.  My favorite foods are Chinese, Mexican, pepperoni and cheese pizza and spaghetti among others.  I try to be VERY honest and open with everyone.  I'm willing to tell more, if I'm asked to tell more.  LOL!  Write to me, guys.  You have a truly loyal friend in me.  :)
WanderingWriter WanderingWriter
41-45, M
3 Responses Jul 10, 2011

You are cute!

would love to read some of your writings some day :)

i have a learning disabilty