My Journey

It has taken over 40 years for me to admit to myself that I am Gay and now I have my life is getting better and better and also happier and happier.
I was kissed by a friend when I was 7 not a proper kiss just mouths closed lips together , this is something that i liked very much but no way was i Gay. I shared a bed with a man when i was 16 nothing heavy at all enjoyed every second of his attention but no way was i Gay.
I married at 21 to a wonderful Girl and during the marriage i began to explore my true feelings never meeting but communicating with a couple guys by post although no way was i Gay. I divorced after 6 years remarried when i was 30 even though i was thinking " You know i think I maybe Gay " . I had 2 children and began meeting with guys who I met over phone chat lines , after my first proper meeting i felt so happy relaxed not quite complete but i did for the first time truly enjoy a sexual encounter.
I have continued seeing guys on and off for the past 12 years promising myself it would be the last time , never again etc etc feeling disgusted at myself but I have, at last, started a relationship with a wonderful Man who I will be with forever more.
It has been a strange Journey for me but I am at last able to say who I really am what I enjoy and most importantly feel no shame when I say I Am Gay .
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3 Responses Aug 23, 2011

thumbs up...maybe you should start searching a guy earlier than you did.

Awesome! I'm happy for you! :)

Congratulations! It's wonderful you found someone that makes you happy! :)