I M Full Of Love

some times i feel my heart is kinda super heart cause i m so forgiving so Generous other people problems make me feel bad people usually like most of them ... As for my life i really Appreciate it i think i m kinda lucky coming from good middle class family alot of people respect me .... but i have one problem my love life sucks and i feel pressure cause i think i can't get the love i need , i spend my love on the wronge people i want some body to contain this heart i know that person should be so big hearted to handle me..... yes in my commuinty homesexual is something dirty and should be removed but most of people espcially the young generation dont discreminate us but alot of gay or bi does not accecpt the fact that they r homesexuals becouse of the community becouse of that the gays dont use the word "gay" we say "the friends" cause we consider our self friends ... but i m sick with friends who think this thing is just a desire and should be fulfilled i wanna be with a guy or a girl which i love and love me back the same ... just love i don't care about commitment or marriage or other things just love.
luckyboy20 luckyboy20
26-30, M
Nov 24, 2011