The Hot Hung Cowboy

The Manly Cowboy

I had gone for a drive up in the country.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and there was a warm balmy breeze.  I was in the middle of nowhere and I pulled over to the side of the road.  There was a small stream nearby so I sauntered over and lay down on the ground by it. I was only there about 10 or 15 minutes when I heard a noise behind me.  I glance up and low and behold there was this handsome stud on a horse looking down at me.  He said in a manly voice, “howdy, wonderful day”. I replied, “yup one hell of a nice one”. He dismounted and extended his hand to me. Names Clark.  I shook his hand and said names Wolverine. HE had a wonderful grip. I happened to glance at his basket and wow, was it ever bulging. He must be hung like a horse.  He sat beside me and just so happened to brush his leg against mine.  Then he said I just saw you look at my crotch. You want it don’t you?  Well I looked him in the eyes and nodded my head. Then he leaned into me and threw a passionate kiss on my lips. Damn I was in heaven. Clark stood up and standing in front of me he started to unbutton his shirt. He pulled his shirt off; He took a deep breath and starts undoing his pants, pulling them off along with his underwear.  Damn, I though, is really hung like a horse. Out popped a good 11 inches of man meat.
 "Now on your knees."  I climbed to my knees immediately.  "Suck my ****." Clark told me.  I obeyed and started to suck. I bobbed up and down and looked up at Clark.  God was he handsome. Clark grabbed the back of my head and started thrusting into me. He went faster and harder moaning in pleasure. "Yeah, that’s right. Suck it."
Clark had been so horny this week that he cried out in shock not expecting to let loose so soon as he shot three loads of *** ambrosia into my mouth.
I gulped it down greedily and relished every last drop.
Clark smiled. "Good boy. Now I wanna shoot in your ***. But first let me taste your hot ****"
I smiled up at him excited what to expect from his hot hung manhood. Clark  swallowed my **** in his mouth and sucked me for a while, and then, pulling my legs up he moved to my *** and started to lick me out, sliding his tongue deep inside me and really driving me insane with lust. He moaned and groaned as he moved his mouth over my *** and ate me out, and then, very slowly, he started to tongue **** me.
"Oh yeah" I moaned, "Oh **** yeah, that feels so damned good."
Clark smiled and slid his tongue further into my hole, and then, when Clark was sure that I was ready Clark turned around and started kissing me, using his tongue in my mouth so that I could taste my own *** on his breath.
When I started to respond Clark moved my legs up so that he was rubbing his hard **** against me, and I responded just as Clark hoped I would.
HE then placed the tip of his big hard rod against my eager butt hole and slowly slipped his **** inside my ***. 
Clarks’ **** worked its journey deep down inside of my hot and ready eager ***.  Clark slid it all the way home and after a few minutes he sighed. Good" "Now we can get down to it" Clark moved back a little and then slammed his hard eleven inch **** deep inside of me, driving it in as far as he could, and when I groaned out in ecstasy, he knew that I had given myself completely over to him, I was Clark’s for the taking as well as the loving.
Clark ****** me harder than he had ever dreamed of doing, oh yes, Clark  had dreamed of this for a very long time, because of his extreme size he had not ****** before, no one could take his huge ****.  But I could and he knew that I loved every inch of it.  Clark had just never expected it to happen, and that was what I wanted him to do. It was all a part of Clark’s fantasy.  He pulled all the way out and then rammed all the way in. I was moaning and quivering in sheer delight.
Clark kissed me deeply and passionately as he rode me like a demon.  Then he pulled out of me and turned me over and proceeded to **** me doggy style.  He pulled out and rammed in over and over again. I was in frenzy and just couldn’t get enough of him. I was making whimpering noises of pure joy. He was pounding me like there was no tomorrow. Then he growled loudly and yelled oh **** I gonna ***.  Are you ready for my man juice?  He started to shoot his wonderful, thick, creamy, love juice deep inside of me. At the same time I started to blow my load too, all over his and my legs.
My god, he was amazing as he fired his ***, Jonathan counted twelve spurts in all and all were thick, and all were full force, I could almost taste his ambrosia.
and I was taking it all like the bottom that I was his bottom, forever.  I so wanted him to be mine.  Clark smiled at me and then said, “You now belong to me. Then he helped me up and we dressed. Then he mounted his horse and pulled me up in front of him. He wrapped his strong arms around me and took me back to his ranch. Both he and I knew then that, whatever else I was truly his.  WE had many more fantasies together including dressing up as Cops, Firemen, Leather dudes, Sports jocks, you name it we did it. 
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