I Need Help From Someone

Hi guys. I'm 19 yrs old and grew up in a strictly Mormon family but in 9th grade I started to realize I'm gay. I tried to come out to my little Bro but he started crying so I convinced him I was joking. I haven't come out to anyone and its killing me inside. I need advice from someone.
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As a man who waited until much later in life to come out, I would suggest you do it earlier. I have enjoyed life so much more than I could have imagined.<br />
A friend told me that each coming out experience (and we all come out many times) was easier than he had imagined it beforehand. Not always easy, but easier than the imagination made it out to be. I held on tightly to that when I came out to family, friends and co-workers. It was.very true for me also. <br />
Please reach out to friends here on EP as you need support!

i was afraid of coming out too, but i felt i wasn't able to live how i wanted too i was basically living a lie. So i felt in order to live a life how i wanted i had to be honest with my self and my family. My mom cried, but she accepts me for who i am and she still loves me. With my dad the same thing to. Whenever youre ready is the best advice to give you, and know you have all of our support. Be who you are, and never look back.

Well you could try this to feel alittle relieved...try going to a place where nobody can hear you and just YELL IT OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!

I am friends with a gay Mormon who is openly out and quite high up in the church, privately message me and I will do and email introduction for you and you can speak to him confidentially.<br />
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I am mormon. Returned missionary and closeted gay. I understand you brother. Hope to chat with you sometime if its fine with you. I wanted someone to talk to about this. I am struggling..

When I came out to my mom, she looked at me with this serious look and said, "it's a phase". It did not take her 'til I had a boyfriend that she realized it was no phase for me. Slowly, she is starting to accept me by realizing it is just me. I believe some families change over time, so just slowly give them time. But I agree with earlier postings. Make some friends who would understand you a bit better. I know the religious communities make it hard but there are some good unbiased people in them. I grew up in a christian school so I had to hide the fact that I was gay until I graduated so I wouldn't get kicked out. I told my best friend back in high school that I was gay and he has always been there for me. One person you can talk to helps so much.