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Be Happy!

Whenever you turn on the news today, it seems like yet another country has burnt to the ground, a new epidemic has been discovered, or '1 out of 4 people will get cancer'. I'm here to say that life is getting better, on average. The facts are this, humans are living longer, happier, healthier, and wealthier. While there is still plenty of wrongness in the world, much of it is being fixed. The reason cancer rates are going up, is because cancer is primarily a disease of the old. Since humans are living longer, more people get cancer. However, the cancer death rates have been falling rapidly. Newer and more effective treatments for diabetes and heart disease are becoming commercial and widespread. Plus, there is much less war today than there was a century ago! Crime rates have fallen, poverty rates have fallen, child deaths from birth have fallen, and much more! While you may here of horrible catastrophes and terrifying new diseases, keep in mind it is in many politicians' and lobbyists' best interest to keep you scared, to buy into their ideas. While much in this world needs help, don't fret over international terrorism or the apocalypse. Appreciate what you have, and always strive for more. But most of all, be happy!
Twink14 Twink14 13-15, M 5 Responses Jan 29, 2012

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sorry alex but thats a bullsit way to live.<br />
keeping yourself uptodate on world current affairs is really important ,you cant just switch off and pretend its not happening,just coz it aint happening on your doorstep dont mean it got nothing to do with you..<br />
you have a very naaive way of thinking,maybey try facing up to what happens in the world ,other peoples suffering cant be switched offf,how about if somethin bad happend in your country and people just pretended it wasnt happening.<br />
see what i meen mate

First off, why'd you call me alex? Secondly, I'm not saying that we should all wear blindfolds. Bad things happen. However, the way news is presented to us on TV, it messes up our risk analysis. So few people know that breast cancer primarily affects older people, or that the death toll of war all over the earth has rapidly fallen, I just want people who feel that everything is hopeless to cheer up. John.

not watching the news on tv doesn't mean that you don't realize what's going on. if there's something serious going on, you will know it from others, from newspapers, from whatever. They made a study and found out that people watching fox news are less informed than people not watching tv at all. the news on tv is not a realistic view of life, it's only bad news and the world is definitely not only bad news and the more of that bad news you see, the more depressed you get. and don't think the news on tv would show everything what happens out in the world. they only show the things where a camera team was nearby. I know of accidents where a bus crashed and fellinto a valley and LOTS of people died, but there was nothing on tv, instead they showed another accident, also with a bus where only 2 people died. the reason was that the camera team couldn't get down to hte bus and when they can't film, they don't show it. there happens by far more out there, but they don't show it and anyway, those news might be interesting, but they are absolutely needless for the people not taking part and the ones ho want to see it are only rubbernecks. except of the news that directly harms us, nothing else is worth to see or know. that doesn't mean a war is not neccessary to know about! this is a news that definitely is needful to know, but that's something you will know about even if you don't watch tv. the news on tv has become needless news. it was useful before, but now it's only pictures of people in pain, accidents,...whatever. give it a try: don't watch the news for two weeks, you'll feel better and you will still know about the important things going on, if you have friends and newspapers.

the news on tv pushes our minds into a bad direction. they show crime all the time and we think everyone is a criminal, but only a few are. people are in fear if someone knocks at the door at night, they shoot him instead of asking if he needs help. these news cause fear.

Think of 9/11: All the world was sitting at the tv and watching what happened. finally 3000 people died. Nobody cares about 16000 children dying of hunger every day! If they hadn't shown it on tv, it wouldn't have effected the economy as much as it did.
You may think it's neccessary to know it, but do you know how many other people die every day from boms in Isreal, India, wherever?
Did you hear about the prison fire in honduras two days ago, where the policemen shot the inmates that tried to get away from the fire? there were at least 350 people killed. I bet you didn't hear about it.
What if you hadn't turned on your tv on 9/11 or later had not watched the news about it? do you think you would still not know about it?
impossible, you would have heard it from everyone. that's proof enough, that even if you don't turn on your tv, you get enough information.
not seeing the news doesn't mean you don't get information. and why do you need to know about something that you can anyway not change and that doesn't bother you at all? neither the people whom happened something get more help nor do you feel better.

hi, was replying to the comment fromalex 31890b .im deffo not a erson that finds life hopeless.regards jamie

short and to the point mate,this is so long i cant be arsed reading it,regards jamie

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just turn off the news on tv, don't watch it, maybe the weather forecast, but not the rest.<br />
those news are most times only bad news that anyway wouldn't be of real interest for you. they just make you scared and feel bad although in most cases the news is from somewhere else in the world. if there's something real important you might even notice it, if you don't watch the news.<br />
if you get bad information from all around you, then you might get depressed for no reason.<br />
<br />
all you need for being happy is someting to eat, a place to live and sleep, health and good friends. nothing more! as long as you think the things other people have might make you happy you won't be happy. those things won't make you happier. that doesn't mean that you shouldn't strive to get more, but not for the reason what others have and make you think you should also have.

WOW your very intelligent for your age!! It is good that you are aware of what is going on in this messed up world, most kids your age would rather be worried about if they are getting the new Call Of Duty game or not lol

But the environment goes bad in developing countries.

What do you mean? The country with the highest pollution rate is china, and I'm pretty sure china isn't a developing country.

Why are you so sure, but China is absolutely a developing country, and Chinese are taking measures to deal with the pollution.

China's economy is one of the biggest, and if you lokk at how much progress has been made over the years, it's astounding, really.

so true, that is one of the most inspirational things i have heard in a very long time