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I'm A Gay Teen

I'm 14 and I'm interested in other boys.I like looking at my classmates in the showers and have fantasys about them when I'm home.I've been with some other guys and I want more.
Petter14 Petter14 13-15, M 12 Responses Feb 25, 2012

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Add me please! :)

I am also 14 add me

Add me please

Add me if you like:)

I'm 13 and gay, add me :)

im gay to and im 14

O o.... ok i would take this slow if I were you.... not to be a party booper...... but yea I would take this slow..... ( my opion ) ........ -.-

hey add me plse and my step would like to bro is 16

i love boys sex. when i was12 year old i had sex with boy.i love gay boy.

hey, im 16 could u add me just to talk?

and i get it. i do the same thing sometimes

i love the boys in your age

Add mee please

your lucky to shower with your classmates!! I wish I had that opportunity when I was your age cause I had some very cute classmates when I was in school