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I'm A Gay Teen

I'm 14 and I'm interested in other boys.I like looking at my classmates in the showers and have fantasys about them when I'm home.I've been with some other guys and I want more.
Petter14 Petter14 13-15, M 18 Responses Feb 25, 2012

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good for you to realise what you want...good luck to you!!

Add me please! :)

I am also 14 add me

Add me please

Add me if you like:)

I'm 13 and gay, add me :)

im gay to and im 14

O o.... ok i would take this slow if I were you.... not to be a party booper...... but yea I would take this slow..... ( my opion ) ........ -.-

Ur wrong (only second time I said this here).<br />
<br />
It's the friend - walk down the street again in the morning, and check out the amazing guys - they're all diff ages, all diff styles, all diff looks. Hot is hot is hot 4ever.<br />
<br />
Similar age group obviously gives most normal.We're all like that.<br />
<br />
You really for real like males? Grab ur coffee in the morning and go look for real. If ur gonna' like guys? Learn them all. Well, the nice ones............

Add me

hey add me plse and my step would like to bro is 16

I've moved countries already, but when I used to live in Australia, I was lucky to have sex or group sex with a lot of my friends (the sexy ones of course), now I've moved country, I've found my new best friend, I wanna be in a relationship with him, but not sure and nervous to ask him out.<br />
<br />
We can chat all about this together, add me mate ;)

I'm now with the one, who was my new best friend since moving country, so great!

i love boys sex. when i was12 year old i had sex with boy.i love gay boy.

always good to see young guys being able to be honest about who they are - so glad that society is starting to at least understand that not everyone is straight, wants the typical suburbanite 2 kids little house with car & dog & yard routine - everyone is different, everyone needs something different in their lives to make them happy & whole - so glad you're able to speak those wants & desires openly and you accept & understand who you are. So cool.<br />
<br />
Wish you the best, man - add me if you'd like, lots of cool guys in my circle of all ages primarily gay or bi, we chat about lots of stuff - come & look around.

well said

Yes, I totally agree with Billy too! Being so much older than you I'm just commenting as an observer who's been through similar things. But it is so nice that you can do this and meet other guys your age, hopefully, and not have to feel crazy and secretive and all the awful stuff I and others went through at that age. It's great, and I don't begrudge anybody their enjoyment. Good luck, and be true to your heart always.

hey, im 16 could u add me just to talk?

and i get it. i do the same thing sometimes

i love the boys in your age

Add me please im16 I feel the same way x:)

You're little funny but cute. Stay cool.

Add mee please

your lucky to shower with your classmates!! I wish I had that opportunity when I was your age cause I had some very cute classmates when I was in school