i m unlucky in love i was like that most of my life, mybe i have a record having sex with stright guys, but i have problems falling in love with stright guys or guys who r away from me.... the other thing is that gay guys who likes me and want to have relation with me i don't have the same attraction to them ..... and i have been in these situations more than 10 times... i m getting fedup with it, i think my destiny is to live alone cause i don't know how long i would keep trying to get the one.
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You like straight "acting" men. If they actually were totally straight, then they would not want sex with a man at all. If they pretend to be straight but are not, they will not be open enough to carry on a lasting relationship with you because they would not look straight to their friends anymore. Try dating real genuine people that don't put on phoney appearances and focus on you feelings for each other and I think you might have a better experience that is more likely to last. You have stunning physical beauty, but to have a relationship you have to find depth and inner beauty in yourself and the other person too. Good luck.

Thanks for advice

I don't mean to imply I am so wise i should dispense advice, but what I said was based on what I have experienced. Real bonds seem to me to have more to do with how people really are, and how they demonstrate that they care about each other, than being based on trying to look a certain way to someone. I hope you find that someone special.

Thanks I hope that too