Move Along For The Best

The person i was madly in love with told me he loved me, and i told him i loved him to. The next couple days were amazing. Its hard to see eachother in school because we have different lunches so we make the most of it after school or on the weekends. My life was amazing, but then he told me somthing that broke my heart, he texted me that he went to go eat lunch with his ex, and i was ok with it, then when his lunch was over he told me that they just talked and wanted to become friends again, and bieng his boyfriend i was ok with it. couple days later passed (started on monday) now was Friday he told me that they've been making out and been tongue kissing ( he told me they have been kissing since Tuesday). I felt so bad hes been making out with his ex behind my back. I didnt talk to him for weeks ive ignored him completly.Then he came to talk to me after school when i was in track, but i ignored. He told me that he loved me and hes sorry, and he would never talk to his ex again. i Told him "if u really loved me u wouldnt have done that in the first place, he said sorry, and i said if u havent made out with him you wouldnt have to be sorry i was yelling at him and i punched him couple times. He apologized and apologized, but i told him to leave me alone, dont look my way dont even talk to me." i cried for days all i did was think about him, months passed, and we havent talked since i told him off. Then it was my birthday he texted me happy birthday and wished me a great day. ( i knw cuz i memorized his #)  I didnt reply to it i just left it alone. I will never forgive him for what he did, it still hurts me every now and then when i think about it. Time passed and now ive moved on from him, i no longer love him, im no longer gunna feel sad for the mistake hes done. in school i see him and his ex hanging around and i see his ex with the braclet they gave each other (when they were dating) showing they loved each other. im guessing their back together i dont know i shouldnt care, couple weeks later my freind told me that my ex posted somthing on facebook saying somthing about bieng depressed and alone. im guessing they broke up... i knew they werent gunna last, but i dont care. Its been a while now and ive been jogging, reading, and just living my life. I moved on, to better my self
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i think u r strong and you have commitment and its a great characteristics.... i could not do the same(not to forgive him after he beg me) and that is painful but ppl love me for that i always forgive ppl even if they treat me bad but they apologies and that feels like **** and it takes a great courage to ask somebody for forgiveness and just a big heart can forgive someone after he/she hearts u... still u have the right to act like u did.

im still hurt for what he did, and as time passed i eventually forgave him, but i am not gunna be anything more to him than just a friend... well i'll try even though i still love him

well thats right u can't fully trust a guy after he cheated on youj

He did what he did and if i broke his heart i say oh well cuz idk how i would leave someone like him without braking it, and yes i might of overreacted for hitting him, but it happened.