Do I Tell Him

i want to tell my friend about how i feel about him and i m in love with him but i was hesitating about it, i couldn't decide if it’s better to tell him or not, i m not sure how he will respond and he is my best friend. i don't want to lose him over this.

i even don't know if he is attracted to guys, he likes girls but he sometimes acts like gays( the way he talks sometimes and uses his hands) but that won't make gay or bi. one thing i know for sure is he likes me and cares about me and i don't want to lose that.

i don't think i will lose him if i tell him about how i feel but it will be wired between us and i don't want that.

well it will be helpful if anyone offers his opinion.
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4 Responses May 7, 2012

Well you could start by telling him you're gay and if he doesn't freakout well then later on you can tell him how you feel about him...... but at the same time you got to remember that doing that might put your friendship at risk.... see I'm in love with my best friends brother and I decided to give up on him first because I don't know if he's gay and second because I don't want to loose my best friend

well he kinda know that i m attracted to him and he still my best friend but i tried kiss him but he told me that he is not attracted to guys... so i think we will be just best friends

try and talk to him about it

If you want to pursue anything w/this dude wait it out until you're certain he has some kind of feelings for you as well ---otherwise, it'll just be awkward& will probably ruin the friendship.

I would never mix love and friendship they spoil each other. U have to choose what is more important to U. I personally would choose friendship it is much harder to find a great friend than a lover

yes thats true he is the best friend i ever had..