Crush Crushes....................

My story starts when i was in standard 6-7 , my age should be 9-10 , there was a friend of mine, his name was Vipin he was so cute and handsome and one night in my dream he came , the dream was that i was bathing with him in bathroom, the other night i saw many wild things at that time i was so fuc*ing confused that why he is coming in my dreams , from inside my soul was liking that but for me that was insane and i was not ready to accept that i like boys , the days are passed and with every day passing we were becoming close friends , but but but my end was not good , i was trying to tell him that i like him but his family posted to some other place , huh but i have a chance to tell him that i like him but when i saw him he was happy coz he was going to a new place so i hid my feeling but i said that "i will lonely if u leave me" he didn't said anything and just hug me at that time i really feels if i showed a lil courage my life was different and that night i didn't ate dinner and slept after that again he comes in my dreams and he said " If you show a little bit more courage I would have you "
I am in touch with him but i dunno this is good or not to tell him that i likes him till now !!!

After that my heart turns towards another boy his name was Sanjay he was not that cute as Vipin but i likes him coz of his sense of humor and i likes his style and i did many naughty things with him like i broke the window panes , teacher's chair , hehe some boys' head also , i feel a lil different for him not like Vipin and he is also a caring friend he also helps me i also helps but as my school changed friend changed , style changed , attitude came , and now i m really different from the person i was , and i also came to know that he has a girlfriend so , i don't have an idea what to do ... although we met till today sometimes but now i don't have that feelings for him so this is not the right person

And another episode of my story it starts when i was in 10th , his name was Vikash he also came in my class when Vipin came and the things starts when we were in camp of NCC at night all students of my school sleeps in a camp and he likes to sleep with me in camp i got too excited when he puts his head on my shoulder and then he puts his head on my chest and then he talked general question to me and then i gave him massage on head and he got asleep and sometimes at night he puts his legs and hands on my dic* at that time i got too excited but if i told him but gay stuffs (not that that i m bi ) he says how someone can do like this then i got quiet

And at this time i like a boy called Ravi he is younger than me he lives in my Society he is very cute and sexy i think we have many things common in us we like dance , singing , playing soccer and we go may places together i think we are a good team but i think he also likes me

But i feel lonely sometimes , i think most of the time but i know i'll find someone that is good for me i think he can be from the above 4 or any other

So so so what do you learn from my story ???

That i have to work on english !!! yup but nah it is not important i think my story tells


and Last what do you think who is the best for me in above 4 ??
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Vikash.. I know that this reply is like months after you posted this, but I just thought, I'd answer your question.. :D and who did you chose?

Dunno at this time I m really confuse

I'll hope you get out of it..