This will mostly be random rambles of the gay community...

I don't know if any of you feel like me, but coming from a small town, there is not a lot of (openly) gay people. Or they are all ex's and you don't want to enter that circle.
Right now I feel kind of lonely, the only nice homosexual people I meet are online and you can't fall asleep in virtual arms ! It's quite depressing !

I'm not "openly" gay. I'm not ashamed of who I am and anyone who asks will have a real answer. but I'm not one for shouting it everywhere. Sometimes I feel like you have to if you want people to notice you... Gay clubs are depressing in that way, the sluttier you are, the more attraction you get...
That's not my scene.

Why can't people be more decent, or, why can't I meet decent people...
seriously, this is depressing.

Also, this is just a weird question I've been asking myself, why 3/4 gay guy I know quit high school to be a hairdresser ? is it a thing for gay guys to not want higher education ?

I don't understand the gay population... Enlighten me please
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huh quite ditto to me