I Am Gay, But Loosing My Morality Due To Religious Zealots

In today's day and age we assume people know better than to discriminate or what ever else you may want to call it. Unfortunately because of people who are either afraid of what they do not understand or are afraid of anything different, that is not within social norms, we still have hate crimes, bullying, and even religious leaders who are supposed to be preaching goodness and peace, bashing the LGBT community in the news, blaming them for being the downfall to family values, moral society, and the sanctity of marriage.

I am so tired of the hate, the bullying, and the scapegoating that I am starting to feel that maybe I should be ashamed to call myself a christian, I thought hard and long because if this is an example of Christianity then I am sorry to say the church is a farce and is not the place for me. I don't expect to have a religious institution preform same-sex marriages but they should not stand in the way of human rights of any person. This situation reminds me of another, one that I read about in my history books, and my grandfather told me stories of when I was a child. This reminds me of the racial segregation of both the African American men and women, as well as the Holocaust except they haven't started to round us up and shoot us or throw us into the furnace yet, ( no offense meant by the examples given ) we put up a fight for both human rights violations yet we sit back and do nothing about same-sex couples being discriminated against and other issues that should not be happening at this moment.
Feel free to post and let me know what you think, all I ask is that you be polite and respectful I don't do anything disrespectful or purposely offend anyone.
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3 Responses May 8, 2012

I'd have to say that you're not losing your morality, but evolving as a Christian that is gay. My views have changed as I get older and wiser, my friend.

This is true, thanks for the advice.

Do not blame God for what the church does today. Seldom is God represented in today's churches. Yes, they use his name; but do not do his work. God is LOVE, God does not discriminate. I have dropped out of today's church because of how they have allowed politics and homophobia to infiltrate their doctrine.<br />
Gays are born, not made. We never made a decision to be gay, rather than straight. Today's church likes to ignore that fact, it makes for a good rallying point to stir up the crowd to hatred and discrimination.<br />
Pray to God, not the church, not the preacher or any man God is still on the Throne.